Below you have the best IPTV service 2020, and the best VPN service right now for your subscription. We have looked at what channel offer you get in the subscription, and how secure and fast the VPN service is. If you want to see in more detail about which TV channels are included, you will find all channels here. We also think you should read a little about security, and what a VPN does for you before you buy a subscription. All prices can be found on the item page prices.


AliExpress is the world’s second largest marketplace after Amazon, but they are owned by Chinese. This allows you to find just about anything on their platform, and one of those things is IPTV subscriptions.

Unfortunately, we can no longer link to them as authorities have been on us. But all you have to do is go to AliExpress.com, and then search on IPTV.

Sometimes you can search a bit, and search for terms like “HD TV” “IPTV subscription” “m3u” or “world tv“. They try to hide, but there are plenty of sellers on AliExpress. A 12-month subscription costs about $ 15- $ 20.

NordVPN is the world’s largest VPN service, and has the most servers of all VPN services. This has long been the obvious choice for anyone who wants to use it for IPTV channels. This is because only a few VPN services on the market are able to encrypt all the amount of data that a live stream requires without starting to hack.

The few other services that can do it are mainly for companies, or ExpressVPN as they are also good but twice as expensive. So our recommendation is definitely NordVPN which only costs you about $ 30 dollars a year. You can find more info about the service on the VPN company’s website.