An IPTV subscription costs about $ 15- $ 18 for a 12 month package. In this you get all sports, and movie channels. You also get all the usual channels that do not count as premium channels.

Unfortunately, we can no longer link to them as authorities have been on us. But all you have to do is go to, and then search on IPTV.

Sometimes you can search a bit, and search for terms like “HD TV” “IPTV subscription” “m3u” or “world tv“. They try to hide, but there are plenty of sellers on AliExpress. Another way is to first go into IPTV boxes, because then pure subscriptions usually appear.

NordVPN costs you about $ 3 a month if you buy a 1-2 year subscription from them. This is something we think everyone should invest in, as authorities are chasing IPTV users and resellers with a blowtorch right now. This is cheap money to avoid risking fines of many millions due to penalties to TV companies.

Feel free to read our article on security and you will better understand why we so strongly recommend that you get a VPN. More info about the service can be found on the VPN company’s own website.