Due to the current situation with several large raids around the world against IPTV resellers, we can not link to any reseller! You can read more HERE and HERE about the latest raids, so you probably understand why you should get a VPN NOW! To buy the subscription we think is best, you just need to go to AliExpress and search on IPTV!

Surf the internet safely when using iptv

As recently as a week ago, there was a massive raid in several countries against players distributing IPTV services. Among other things, servers containing nearly 50 million users’ account information were seized. So there are good reasons to make sure that what you do on the internet can not be tracked.

We were contacted by the newspaper

We at IPTVis were contacted by a major newspaper who wondered if we could imagine setting up an interview, and since we do not sell any IPTV services ourselves, we agreed to talk to a journalist from there via Tele. We then found out that the Swedish Police are currently conducting an extensive investigation, where a large number of IPTV services and resellers are in a bad situation.

What does it cost you to surf anonymously, and use iptv securely?

With the channel package that we consider to be the best in testing, it only costs about $ 18 per year. If you then also want to be able to use it without getting caught, and risk millions in penalties, you should also buy a VPN service for about $ 30 per year. In total, it costs about $ 50 to use iptv channels


That said, we are not saying that you can not use an IPTV service or not, but we want to give you a strong recommendation to take precautions in such cases. The least you can do that allows you to surf securely and anonymously is to get yourself a VPN.


We have been preaching the use of VPNs for a long time now and we urge everyone who uses IPTV service to invest in a VPN service immediately. This ensures that all your traffic first goes via a server abroad, where you get a new IP address. This means that it is not possible to see who did what.

Today, after all the recent raids, all IPTV providers recommend that you use a VPN, and they have built-in features for that in the software you get.

The only negative thing about using a VPN is that you have to have a stable VPN provider, so that you do not get too slow and sluggish internet. In Sweden, unfortunately, only a few pieces hold the measure for you to avoid lagging in the broadcast. We have written an article listing the best vpn service you can buy right now.